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About Ballysillan Commuity Forum

Within the Greater Ballysillan area there are a number of thriving community organisations aiming to approach regeneration and conflict resolution through programme work with everyone, ensuring a common purpose and a better, safer and shared future for everyone in the North Belfast area.

Ballysillan Community Forum has been working for the community since 1994 with driven aims and objectives in building capacity, training, education, advice services and good relations programmes these services are openly offered to everyone in the community.

The community needs are identified by the community on the basis of suitable programmes and activities to the audience we represent. These programmes address issues in the area and develop people to move forward in a good relations manner and in safe environments.

Although the area has witnessed frustrations that have lead to conflict in the past, the work that has been undertaken over the past 11/12 years with OFMdFM / NIE funding has seen a reduction in tensions and an increase in people’s desire to become involved in community programmes.

Ballysillan Community Forum is also represented on Ballysillan Upper Ardoyne Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership whose role is to identify needs. Within its ongoing annual action plan, the BUANRP board members work tirelessly through working groups to address those needs with statutory inclusiveness; the BCF manager is presently Acting Chairperson of the partnership.

Services Provided By Ballysillan Commuity Forum

Through dedication over the past 20+ years, Ballysillan Community Forum has prided itself in the delivery of programmes and services that address the issues faced by the community here in Ballysillan and across North Belfast.

All aspects of services, programmes and general community development at Ballysillan Community Forum, along with partners across North Belfast, fit into the Together: Building a United Community strategy. Our aims and objectives are clear and we continue to work to change attitudes and develop people to move forward in a safe and nurturing way.

We also aim to promote and celebrate cultural expression with the elderly and young people creating a better understanding that continues to pave the way to a better future for everyone.

Previous Participants

Previous participants had this to say about the Forum's projects:

Great course Tutor explained everything simply & thoroughly, loved the hands on exercises.

BCF programme welcomes everyone, and I felt so looked after on my history visit.

Great to see programmes for (50yrs+) giving me a greater understanding of the culture of those from another community background.

Further Information

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Contact Details

Manager: Ms Dale Harrison
Ballysillan Community Forum
925-927 Crumlin Road
Tel: 02890 391272