About Us

Promoting a peaceful and shared society based on reconciliation and mutual trust.

The Community Relations Council was established in 1990 to lead and support change towards reconciliation, tolerance and mutual trust.  The Community Relations Council is an Arms' Length Body of The Executive Office, a Department of the Northern Ireland Executive and a catalyst for good inter-community and inter-cultural community relations work in the region. 

CRC is funded by TEO and the organisation assists in the implementation of the Executives Good Relations Strategy – Together: Building a United Community.

The organisation works to identify and develop effective approaches to peace-building and reconciliation in partnership with local people and organisations, and with central and local government. 

We promote the benefits of good relations policies and practice at regional, local, community and institutional levels; advocating for acknowledgment of our interdependence; challenging sectarianism, racism and all forms of violence motivated by hate. We provide financial support, development and policy guidance for peace building and good relations through civic leadership, wide community engagement and the sharing of best practice.  

We believe the delivery of a peaceful, reconciled and interdependent society will be based on social partnership, the broader engagement of civil society and positive political leadership underpinned by priorities including fairness, equity, openness and diversity.