Publications Grant Scheme

Deadline date: 

31 December 2017

This scheme is currently closed and will reopen when there is more information on budgets.

Grants up to £5,000 are available to publishers under this scheme.

The aim of the Scheme is to encourage the production and dissemination of publications that will  contribute to greater understanding and better community relations in Northern Ireland.

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This Grant Scheme is funded under NI Executive's good relations strategy Together: Building a United Community. The strategy has four priority areas within which the outcomes of funded projects need to fit.

Key Priority 1: Our Children and Young People

  • Outcome 1.1 Improving attitudes between young people from different backgrounds.
  • Outcome 1.2 Young people engaging in bringing the community together.

Key Priority 2: Our Shared Community

  • Outcome 2.1 Increased use of shared space and services (e.g. leisure centres,
  • shopping centres, education, housing)
  • Outcome 2.2 Shared Space is accessible to all.

Key Priority 3: Our Safe Community

  • Outcome 3.1 Reduce the prevalence of hate crime and intimidation.
  • Outcome 3.2 A community where places and spaces are safe for all.

Key Priority 4: Our Cultural Expression

  • Outcome 4.1 Increased sense of community belonging
  • Outcome 4.2 Cultural diversity is celebrated

Together: Building a United Community Strategy

All grants are at the discretion of the Community Relations Council.