Theatre of Witness Consultation Event

On Wednesday 22 August 2018 at The Playhouse, we had a Theatre of Witness Consultation Event bringing together the performers for a review of the current programme. It provided us with the opportunity to share knowledge, skills, insight and best practice to build upon the format of the workshops and enhance the experience for those who take part. This work is imperative for the development and growth of the Theatre of Witness programme and also involves the personal and professional development of the performers themselves equipping them with the tools needed to facilitate high quality workshops for a wide range of groups. The event was a great success, enjoyed by all who attended and involved a creative drumming circle, a programme review and update, workshop development as well as the design of new promotional literature suitable across Northern Ireland. Robin Young who has been working actively with Theatre of Witness over the last eight years said “

To know that there is a productive future from this great work involving past, present and future participants spreading hope, healing and understanding is more than I personally could have hoped for! This work has enabled us to cross all boundaries, to strip away labels and show people of all ages and backgrounds that the impossible can be made possible and the event clarified that this work is indefinite with endless possibilities”

This event has spurred an agreement to meet and connect on a regular basis to review the programme, share experiences and most importantly build upon those already strong relationships. Theatre of Witness is an inspirational programme involving inspirational people and the impact has far exceeded expectations…the power of the truth has and will continue to change lives.


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