Publications Grant Scheme

Deadline date: 

31 December 2017

This scheme is currently closed and will reopen when there is more information on budgets.

Grants up to £5,000 are available to publishers under this scheme.


To encourage the production and dissemination of publications that will  contribute to greater understanding and better community relations in Northern Ireland.


To support publications which encourage constructive debate on community relations themes and challenge negative stereotypes.

To subsidise publications supportive of community relations principles so that they might reach a wider audience.

To support the production and dissemination of publications which will create a greater awareness and appreciation of local cultural diversity as a means of increasing mutual respect and understanding.

The Council particularly welcomes applications from training and educational organisations aiming to produce relevant print resources which will support community relations learning through taught programmes.

Criteria and conditions:

Applications must meet at least one of the above objectives.

  • Preference may be given to publications showing originality, accessibility, or which address new audiences.
  • The Scheme is open to publishers operating in Northern Ireland. Publishers from outside Northern Ireland may apply if they can establish that the area of benefit will be Northern Ireland.
  • Periodicals and preparations for journalistic publications are eligible under additional conditions outlined below*.
  • The grant is intended to subsidise the sale price in order to help the publication reach a wider audience within Northern Ireland.
  • The Scheme is aimed at the publisher, not the author.
  • Publishers must have an established or proposed system of distribution. If the publisher is not an established commercial publisher the means of distribution must be made clear in the application form.
  • Fiction publications will not be supported.
  • Completed scripts must be submitted with applications (unless periodicals/journalistic work).
  • At least two quotes from different printers must be submitted.

This Grant Scheme is funded under NI Executive's good relations strategy Together: Building a United Community. The strategy has four priority areas within which the outcomes of funded projects need to fit.

Key Priority 1: Our Children and Young People

  • Outcome 1.1 Improving attitudes between young people from different backgrounds.
  • Outcome 1.2 Young people engaging in bringing the community together.

Key Priority 2: Our Shared Community

  • Outcome 2.1 Increased use of shared space and services (e.g. leisure centres,
  • shopping centres, education, housing)
  • Outcome 2.2 Shared Space is accessible to all.

Key Priority 3: Our Safe Community

  • Outcome 3.1 Reduce the prevalence of hate crime and intimidation.
  • Outcome 3.2 A community where places and spaces are safe for all.

Key Priority 4: Our Cultural Expression

  • Outcome 4.1 Increased sense of community belonging
  • Outcome 4.2 Cultural diversity is celebrated

All grants are at the discretion of the Community Relations Council.

* Periodicals and journalistic publications :

Awards for publication of periodicals will be awarded for one year only per application. The themes and authors of the articles should be indicated and some sample text provided. Full text will need to be submitted for approval before publication.  The grant may be paid in installments and reviewed after each issue.

In the event of applications of a journalistic nature leading to publication of a press/periodical article the grant may cover the cost of  preparation, writing and supervision. The theme, approach and time scale of the work should be agreed between the applicant and CRC.

For more information email Paul Jordan