"Made to Parade" by Glenn Millar | Beyond Skin virtual launch spanning 3 continents

27 August 2020

Made to Parade by Glenn Millar | NICRC

Beyond Skin, who are core funded by the Community Relations Council, launched a book online in three simultaneous virtual locations – Belfast, Bogota, and Philadelphia. 

An live online event took place on 13 August 2020 co-hosted by three organisations in Northern Ireland, Colombia and the United States. The organisations were the Fundación Nacional Batuta, Beyond Skin and BuildaBridge International.

All three organisations are active in enabling music to assist community development and peacebuilding.

The directors these organisations spoke to Glenn Millar, the author of Made to Parade.

Made to Parade is the debut book by Glenn Millar, a Belfast community worker and bandsman. Glenn has been involved with the Marching Bands scene, reflecting Protestant culture for over 35 years having been a member of Pride of the Raven and Ballymacarrett Defenders Flute Band.


If this book had been written in 1986, much of the violence, anger, hurt and vast amount of money spent on policing in Northern Ireland could have been avoided."

Darren Ferguson, Beyond Skin


In the book, Glenn set out to provide a positive personal account of his experience as a member of a marching band, recognising that the inside story from a band member’s perspective had never really been told before. Having drawn up some draft chapters and positive feedback from local author Tony McAuley, Glenn set about writing his story.

Made to Parade is set during 1984 and 1985 when Glenn first joined Pride of the Raven band as a flautist growing up on an interface in East Belfast were Protestant and Catholic territories lines met. Joining a band helped Glenn discover a passion for music, and when music became his passion the troubles lost their grip on his life, there was something else to live for and in the flute he found a friend that would never let him down.

Further Information

Read more about the live launch event of Made to Parade: https://www.beyondskin.net/made-to-parade-glenn-millar-online-book-launch 



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