Amplify NI: Community Powered Change Research Session

13 February 2019

Friday 22nd February from 12pm-2.30pm in the Holywell Trust, 10-14 Bishop Street.

Are you involved in a project that focuses on positive social change? Community Powered Change sessions offer tools and approaches for working in participatory ways with the people who benefit from what you do. If you're interested in the following questions, these sessions could be for you:

  • How can we get our community involved?
  • How can we get them involved in a meaningful way?

At this session, we'll be looking at participatory community research. This could be useful for anyone who wants to better understand the values and priorities of people in communities, as well as the issues and challenges they face.

Participatory community research helps to ensure that projects are aligned with the priorities and needs of the people who are intended to benefit from them.

This session focuses on the practical tools, ethics and analysis that you would need to run your own participatory community research project.

Lunch will be provided. Please contact Shannon with any dietary requirements: RSVP here.

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