£1million Shared History Fund | Centenary of Northern Ireland

11 January 2021

Map of Northern Ireland | NICRC

The National Lottery Heritage Fund is distributing a total of £1million through the Shared History Fund to organisations in the UK marking the centenary of Northern Ireland.

This fund has been created as part of the UK Government’s commitment to facilitate local and national awareness of the centenary of Northern Ireland, which also paved the way for the formation of the UK.

The fund also reflects the commitment to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland in line with the Principles for Remembering, as set out in the New Decade New Approach agreement in January 2020.

Paul Mullan, Director of Northern Ireland, The National Lottery Heritage Fund said: "We recognise that dealing with contested heritage can be challenging, but it’s also important that this significant period is marked and the many communities and individuals it has impacted are acknowledged.

"We hope that all initiatives will embrace that opportunity, and we’re looking forward to supporting a diverse range of projects and organisations.”


Grants will be awarded between £3,000 and £100,000 in two categories: £3,000-£10,000 and £10,000-£100,000. Funding must be spent by 31 March 2022.

Deadline: 15 January 2021.

To apply for the hared History Fund, go here: https://www.heritagefund.org.uk/funding/shared-history-fund

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