Media Grant Scheme

Deadline date: 

01 June 2017

This scheme will open in June 2017

The Media Grant Scheme of the Community Relations Council 2017 is available to support of a range of media projects.  The range of media products that may be supported include digital content projects, infographics, television, radio, video and podcasts. The scheme is primarily for the creation of new material but may include the diversification of existing resources to increase their use with appropriate audiences.

Together Building a United Community

Applicants are required to outline the outcome in Together: Building a United Community (see list below) to which the proposed project will contribute.

Key Priority 1: Our Children and Young People

  • Outcome 1.1 Improving attitudes between young people from different backgrounds.
  • Outcome 1.2 Young people engaging in bringing the community together.

Key Priority 2: Our Shared Community

  • Outcome 2.1 Increased use of shared space and services (e.g. leisure centres, shopping centres, education, housing)
  • Outcome 2.2 Shared Space is accessible to all.

Key Priority 3: Our Safe Community

  • Outcome 3.1 Reduce the prevalence of hate crime and intimidation.
  • Outcome 3.2 A community where places and spaces are safe for all.

Key Priority 4: Our Cultural Expression

  • Outcome 4.1 Increased sense of community belonging (widens contribution beyond community background)
  • Outcome 4.2 Cultural diversity is celebrated

The ‘Together: Building a United Community’ Strategy, published on May 23 2013, reflects the Executive’s commitment to improving community relations and continuing the journey towards a more united and shared society.

You can download the ‘Together: Building a United Community’ Strategy at the link below. 

Media Grant Scheme 2017

The 2017 Media Grant Scheme will focus on:

The engagement of civil society aiming to increase understanding of the following   themes:

  • The Legacy of the conflict – including flags, parades, the legacy of the past and victim related issues;
  • Shared housing and education, and policing;
  • Voices of Women, young people and people of minority ethnic and faith backgrounds;
  • and Dynamics of culture.


The application form must be signed and returned to CRC.  Five hard copies of the application form must reach CRC by 4.00pm on date to be decided. Applicants must provide one copy of the accompanying documents together with one sample of previous work not exceeding 5 minutes.

The deadline for the sample is (to be decided) It may be embedded in an electronic version of the application form or in a CD /DVD.

Please read all the guidance carefully and complete the application form.

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