How Organisations Navigate Conflict and Build Peace by Joanne Murphy | Book Launch

Event date(s): 23 September 2020

Management and War by Joanne Murphy | NICRC

A book on organisational aspects of managing ethno-political conflict and building peace is being launched this month.

Entitled “Management and War: How Organisations Navigate Conflict and Build Peace” it’s published by Palgrave Macmillan and is also out now in ebook form, with physical copies later in September.  The author, Joanne Murphy, Senior Lecturer at Queen's Management School, said:

"The book is endorsed by former Irish Taoiseach and signatory of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement Bertie Ahern, as well as Professor Andrew Pettigrew - Oxford and Professor Hastings Donnan, Queen's University Belfast."

About the "Management and War"

War and conflict are a reality of life throughout the world. While much is written about the impact of violence and disorder, how people and organisations adapt to these environments is poorly understood.

This book tells the often hidden story of people managing, delivering services and sustaining economies through and beyond violent conflict. It is written for both general readers and academic specialists, combining first person interviews, insights from witness seminars, and also informal conversations with more scholarly research.

Building on what we already know about organisational behaviour and conflict transformation, the book looks at the delivery of housing and public amenities, the management of public space and commemoration and the role of local businesses during and beyond violent conflict. In particular, it focuses on the role of organisational managers as peacebuilding entrepreneurs, generating and sustaining conflict transformation efforts.

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